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blue note records
Liste der Blue Note Records bis Mitte der Sechziger (Teil 2 über #4199)
blue Teil 1: unter #4200blue BN Records ausserhalb der Reiheblue Legende – Ergänzungen und Korrekturen bitte melden.
blue note Links und Literatur zu Blue Note Recordsbn Richard Cook: Blue Note Records. The Biography

4200 Jimmy Smith Softly as a Summer Breeze
4201 Stanley Turrentine Joyride
4202 Grant Green I Want to Hold Your Hand
4203 Andrew Hill Andrew!
4204 Dexter Gordon Gettin' Around
4205 Pete LaRoca Basra
4206 Sam Rivers Contours
4207 Freddie Hubbard The Night of the Cookers Vol.1
4208 Freddie Hubbard The Night of the Cookers Vol.2
4209 Hank Mobley Dippin'
4210 Ornette Coleman (unissued) Town Hall Concert
4211 Ornette Coleman (unissued) Town Hall concert
4212 Lee Morgan The Gigolo
4213 Bobby Hutcherson Components
4214 Blue Mitchell Down with It
4215 Jackie McLean Right Now
4216 Anthony Williams Spring
4217 Andrew Hill Compulsion
4218 Jackie McLean Action
4219 Wayne Shorter The All Seeing Eye
4220 Horace Silver The Cape Verdean Blues
4221 Larry Young Unity
4222 Lee Morgan Cornbread
4223 Jackie McLean Jacknife
4224 Ornette Coleman At The "Golden Circle" Stockholm Vol.1
4225 Ornette Coleman At The "Golden Circle" Stockholm Vol.2
4226 Don Cherry Complete Communion
4227 Joe Henderson Mode for Joe
4228 Blue Mitchell Bring It Home to Me
4229 John Patton Got a Good Thing Goin'
4230 Hank Mobley A Caddy for Daddy
4231 Bobby Hutcherson Happenings
4232 Wayne Shorter Adam's Apple
4233 Andrew Hill (unissued) The Andrew Hill Quartet
4234 Stanley Turrentine (unissued) Stanley Turrentine
4235 Jimmy Smith Bucket!
4236 Jackie McLean (unissued) High Frequency
4237 Cecil Taylor Unit Structures
4238 Donald Byrd Mustang!
4239 Big John Patton Let'em Roll
4240 Stanley Turrentine Rough'n Tumble
4241 Hank Mobley A Slice of the Top
4242 Larry Young Of Love and Peace
4243 Lee Morgan Delightfulee
4244 Bobby Hutcherson Stick Up
4245 Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers Like Someone in Love
4246 Ornette Coleman The Empty Foxhole
4247 Don Cherry Symphony for Improvisers
4248 The Three Sounds Vibration
4249 Sam Rivers A New Conception
4250 Horace Silver The Jody Grind
4251 Jack Wilson Something Personal
4252 Duke Pearson Sweet Honey Bee
4253 Grant Green Street of Dreams
4254 Lou Donaldson Lush Life
4255 Jimmy Smith I'm Movin' On
4256 Stanley Turrentine The Spoiler
4257 Blue Mitchell Boss Horn
4258 Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers The Witch Doctor
4259 Donald Byrd Blackjack
4260 Cecil Taylor Conquistador
4261 Sam Rivers (unissued) Dementions & Extensions
4262 Jackie McLean New and Old Gospel
4263 Lou Donaldson Alligator Bogaloo
4264 McCoy Tyner The Real McCoy
4265 The Three Sounds Live at the Lighthouse
4266 Larry Young Contrasts
4267 Duke Pearson The Right Touch
4268 Stanley Turrentine Easy Walker
4269 Jimmy Smith Open House
4270 Jack Wilson Easterly Winds
4271 Lou Donaldson Mr. Shing-a-ling
4272 Blue Mitchell Heads Up
4273 Hank Mobley Hi Voltage
4274 Tyrone Washington Natural Essence
4275 McCoy Tyner Tender Moments
4276 Duke Pearson's Big Band Introducing
4277 Horace Silver Serenade to a Soul Sister
4278 Frank Foster Manhattan Fever
4279 Herbie Hancock Speak Like a Child
4280 Lou Donaldson Midnight Creeper
4281 Big John Patton That Certain Feeling
4282 Elvin Jones Puttin' It Together
4283 Booker Ervin The in Between
4284 Jackie McLean 'Bout Soul
4285 The Three Sounds Coldwater Flat
4286 Stanley Turrentine The Look of Love
4287 Ornette Coleman New York is Now! Vol.1
4288 Hank Mobley Reach Out!
4289 Lee Morgan Caramba
4290 Lonnie Smith Think
4291 Bobby Hutcherson Total Eclipse
4292 Donald Byrd Slow Drag
4293 Duke Pearson The Phantom
4294 Eddie Gale Eddie Gale's Ghetto Music
4295 Reuben Wilson On Broadway
4296 Jimmy Smith Plain Talk
4297 Wayne Shorter Schizophrenia
4298 Stanley Turrentine Always Something There
4299 Lou Donaldson Say It Loud
4300 Blue Mitchell Collision in Black
4301 The Three Sounds Elegant Soul
4302 Kenny Cox Introducing
4303 Andrew Hill Grass Roots
4304 Larry Young Heaven on Earth
4305 Elvin Jones The Ultimate
4306 Big John Patton Understanding
4307 McCoy Tyner Time for Tyner
4308 Duke Pearson New Hear This!
4309 Horace Silver You Gotta Take a Little Love
4310 Grant Green Goin' West
4311 Don Cherry Where Is Brooklyn?
4312 Lee Morgan Charisma
4313 Lonnie Smith Turning Point
4314 Booker Ervin (unissued) Quintet
4315 Stanley Turrentine Common Touch!
4316 Frank Foster (unissued)
4317 Reuben Wilson Love Bug
4318 Lou Donaldson Hot Dog
4319 Donald Byrd Fancy Free
4320 Eddie Gale Black Rhythm Happening
4321 Herbie Hancock The Prisoner
4322 Brother Jack McDuff Down Home Style
4323 Duke Pearson Merry Ole Soul
4324 Blue Mitchell Bantu Village
4325 Horace Silver The Best of
4326 Lonnie Smith Move Your Hand
4327 Grant Green Carryin' on
4328 Jack Wilson Song for My Daughter
4329 Hank Mobley The Flip
4330 Andrew Hill Lift Every Voice
4331 Elvin Jones Poly-Currents
4332 Wayne Shorter Super Nova
4333 Bobby Hutcherson Now
4334 Brother Jack McDuff Moon Rappin'
4335 Lee Morgan The Sixth Sense
4336 Stanley Turrentine Another Story
4337 Lou Donaldson Everything I Play Is Funky
4338 McCoy Tyner Expansions
4339 Kenny Cox Multidirection
4340 Big John Patton Accent on the Blues
4341 The Three Sounds Soul Symphony
4342 Grant Green Green Is Beautiful
4343 Reuben Wilson Blue Mode
4344 Duke Pearson How Insensitive
4345 Jackie McLean Demon's Dance
4346 Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra Consummation
4347 Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers Roots and Herbs
4348 Brother Jack McDuff To Seek a New Home
4349 Donald Byrd Electric Byrd
4350 Jimmy McGriff Electric Funk
4351 Lonnie Smith Drives
4352 Horace Silver That Healin' Feelin'
4353 Chick Corea The Song of Singing
4354 Jeremy Steig Wayfaring Stranger
4355 Joe Williams Worth Wainting for
4356 Ornette Coleman Love Call
4357 Candido Beautiful
4358 Brother Jack McDuff Who Knows What Tomorrow's Gonna Bring?
4359 Lou Donaldson Pretty Things
4360 Grant Green Alive!
4361 Elvin Jones Coalition
4362 Bobby Hutcherson San Francisco
4363 Wayne Shorter Odyssey of Iska
4364 Jimmy McDuff Something to Listen to
4365 Reuben Wilson A Groovy Situation
4366 John Patton (unissued)
4367 Hank Mobley (unissued)
4368 Horace Silver Total Response
4369 Elvin Jones Genesis
4370 Lou Donaldson Cosmos
4371 Lonnie Smith (unissued)
4372 Richard Groove Holmes Comin' on Home
4373 Grant Green Visions
4374 Jimmy McGriff Black Pearl
4375 Ornette Coleman (unissued)
4376 Bobby Hutcherson Head on
4377 Reuben Wilson Set Us Free
4378 Gene Harris The Three Sounds
4379 Bubbi Humphrey Flute in
4380 Donald Byrd Etiopian Night
4381 Lee Morgan (unissued)
4382 Ronnie Foster Two Headed Freape
4383 (not used to 4412)
4413 Grant Green Shades of Green
4414 Elvin Jones Merry Go Round
4415 Grant Green The Final Comedown
4416 Bobby Hutcherson Natural Illusions
4417 Hank Mobley Thinking of Home
4418 Big John Patton (unissued) Menphis to New York Split
4419 McCoy Tyner Extensions
4420 Horace Silver All
4421 Bobbi Humphrey Dig This
4422 Marlena Shaw Marlena
4423 Gene Harris of the Three Sounds
4424 Stanley Turrentine Z.T.'s Blues
4425 Hank Mobley Far Away Lands
4426 Lee Morgan The Rajah
4427 Jackie McLean Tippin' The Scales
4428 Clifford Brown Alternate Takes
4429 The Best of Blue Note Vol.1
4430 Bud Powell Alternate Takes
4431 Hank Mobley Another Workout
4432 Grant Green Born to Be Blue
4433 The Best of Blue Note Vol.2
4434 The Three Sounds Babe's Blues
4435 Hank Mobley Straight No Filter
  Sonny Clark My Conception (1959)
  Blue Mitchell Boss Horn (1966)
23213 Lee Morgan Standards (1967)
  Lee Morgan Sonic Boom (1967)
  Lee Morgan Taru
1058 Lee Morgan Tom Cat (1981)
  Tony Williams: Civilization (1986) Capitol
  Jack Wilson Easterly Winds (1967)
  Lee Konitz, Brad Mehldau, Charlie Haden Alone Together (1996)

Durch Firmenaufkäufe etc. erschienen zahlreiche anderen Jazzaufnahmen unter dem Blue Note Label (z.B. von Pacific). In der Folge werden nur Reissues (von ursprünglichen Blue Note Sessions) vor 1966 aufgeführt.
Original   Reissue  
BN545–546, 553–556 1947 BN CJ28-5121 Art Blakey / James Moody New Sounds
LP 9020 1956 TOJC-5978 Sonny Criss go man!
BN 78 rpm Masters 1944
DMI CDX04 Art Hodes Sessions at Blue Note
  1953 85108 Charlie Parker At Storyville
  1956 CDP 84462 Cecil Taylor Jazz Advance
LT 988 1965 14373 Wayne Shorter The Soothsayer
LT 989 1965   Dexter Gordon Clubhouse
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