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The Flamingos
The Flamingos
Chronologische Aufnahmedaten
flamingos Legende
1953 If I Can't Have You (version 1) Chance 1133 Flamingos
  Hurry Home Baby Chance 1140  
  That's My Desire Chance 1140 Flamingos
  Someday Someway Chance 1133  
  Carried Away Chance 1145  
  Plan For Love Chance 1149  
  You Ain't Ready Chance 1149  
  Golden Teardrops Chance 1145 Flamingos
  Golden Teardrops (overdubbed - gtr) Vee Jay 384 (1961)  
1954 Blues In A Letter/ Chance 1162  
  September Song Constellation LP 3 (1964)  
  Jump Children (version 1) Chance 1162 Flamingos
Cross Over The Bridge Chance 1154  
  Listen To My Plea Chance 1154  
  On My Merry Way Parrot 808  
  On My Merry Way (alternate take) Checker LP 3005 (1959)  
  Dream Of A Lifetime (version 1) Parrot 808 Flamingos
  If I Could Love You (version 1) Constellation LP 3 (1964)  
  I Really Don't Want To Know (version 1) Parrot 811  
  I Found A New Baby (version 1) Constellation LP 3 (1964)  
  Get With It Parrot 811  
  Ko Ko Mo (version 1) Parrot 812 Flamingos
  I'm Yours Parrot 812  
1955 (Chick-A-Boom) That's My Baby Checker 815 Flamingos
  When Checker 815 Flamingos
  When (alternate take) Checker (unreleased) Flamingos
  Need Your Love Checker 830 Flamingos
  I'll Be Home (version 1) #5 R&B Checker 830 I FlamingosFlamingos
  Please Come Back Home Checker 821 Flamingos
  Just For A Kick Checker 853 Flamingos
  I Want To Love You Checker 821 Flamingos
  Whispering Stars Checker 915 Flamingos
  Chickie Um Bah Checker LP 3005 Flamingos
  I'll Be Home (version 2) Checker 830 II Flamingos
1956 Cry Checker (unreleased) Flamingos
  A Kiss From Your Lips (version 1) #12 R&B Checker 837 FlamingosFlamingos
  Get With It Checker 837 Flamingos
  The Vow Checker 846 FlamingosFlamingos
  Stolen Love Checker LP 3005 Flamingos
  Dream Of A Lifetime (version 2) Checker 915 Flamingos
  Nobody's Love = If I Can't Have You (version 2) Checker LP 3005 Flamingos
  Would I Be Crying Checker 853 Flamingos
  Shilly Dilly Checker 846 Flamingos
1957 The Ladder Of Love Decca 30335 Flamingos
That Love Is You Decca (unreleased)  
  Let's Make Up Decca 30335  
  Helpless Decca 30454  
  My Faith In You Decca 30454  
  Jerri Lee Decca 30948  
  Hey Now Decca 30948  
1958 Kiss-A-Me Decca 30880  
  Where Mary Go Decca 30687  
  Ever Since I Met Lucy Decca 30880  
The Rock And Roll March Decca 30687  
  Lovers Never Say Goodbye #52, #25 R&B End 1035 FlamingosFlamingos
  Lovers Never Say Goodbye (unreleased demo) Flamingos
  I'll Be Home (unreleased version) Flamingos
That Love Is You End 1035 Flamingos
  I Only Have Eyes For You #11, #3 R&B End 1046 End LP 304 FlamingosFlamingos
  Without A Song End (unreleased)  
1959 Jump Children (version 2) End LP 309 Flamingos
  But Not For Me (version 1) End 1040 Flamingos
  I Shed A Tear At Your Wedding End 1040 Flamingos
  But Not For Me (version 2) End (unreleased)  
  Time Was #45 End LP 304 Flamingos
  Goodnight Sweetheart End 1046 End LP 304 FlamingosFlamingos
  I'm In The Mood For Love End LP 304 Flamingos
  Love Walked In #88 End 1044 End LP 304 FlamingosFlamingos
  Music Maestro Please End LP 304 Flamingos
  As Time Goes By End LP 304  
  Begin The Beguine End LP 304  
  Where Or When End LP 304  
  The Breeze And I End LP 304  
  We Were Made For Each Other End (unreleased)  
  Yours End LP 304  
  River Of Tears End (unreleased)  
  At The Prom End 1044 Flamingos
  I Was Such A Fool End 1062 FlamingosFlamingos
  Heavenly Angel End 1062 Flamingos
  You, Me And The Sea End 1065 FlamingosFlamingos
Mio Amore #74, #27 R&B End 1065 FlamingosFlamingos
  Dream Girl End LP 307 Flamingos
  Crazy, Crazy, Crazy End LP 307 Flamingos
  Never In This World (version 1) End (unreleased)  
1960 Nobody Loves Me Like You #30, #23 R&B End 1068 FlamingosFlamingosFlamingos
  Besame Mucho End 1070 Flamingos
  At Night End 1073 FlamingosFlamingos
  When I Fall In Love End 1079 FlamingosFlamingos
  That's Why I Love You End LP 307 Flamingos
  Bridge Of Tears End LP 307 Flamingos
  In The Still Of The Night End LP 308 Flamingos
  Tenderly End LP 308 Flamingos
  You'll Never Walk Alone End LP 308 FlamingosFlamingos
  Everybody's Got A Horne End LP 308 FlamingosFlamingos
  Every Time I Think Of You End LP 308 Flamingos
  Happy Birthday Elise End LP 308  
  You Belong To My Heart End LP 307  
  Maria Elena End LP 307 Flamingos
  Sweet And Lovely End LP 307 Flamingos
  My Foolish Heart End LP 307 Flamingos
  Never In This World (version 2) End LP 307 Flamingos
  Tell Me How Long End LP 307 Flamingos
  Beside You End 1079 FlamingosFlamingos
  Kokomo (version 2) #92 End 1085 Flamingos
  That's Why I Love You End 1085 Flamingos
  A Kiss From Your Lips (version 2) End (unreleased) Flamingos
  I'll Be Home (version 3) End (unreleased) Flamingos
  Your Other Love #54 End 1081 FlamingosFlamingos
  Lovers Gotta Cry End 1081 Flamingos
1961 Dream Girl End 1092  
  Time Was End 1092 Flamingos
My Memories Of You End 1099 Flamingos
  I Want To Love You End 1099 Flamingos
Lover Come Back End (unreleased)  
  For All We Know (version 1) End 1116 Flamingos
1962 It Must Be Love End 1111  
  I'm No Fool Anymore End 1111  
  For All We Know (version 2) End (unreleased)  
  Near You End 1116  
1963 I'm Coming Home End LP 316  
  The Sinner End LP 316  
  My Lovely One End LP 316  
  I Know Better End 1121  
  Danny Boy End LP 316  
  Ol' Man River End LP 316 Flamingos
  You're Mine End LP 316  
  It's Too Soon To Know End LP 316 Flamingos
  (When You're Young And) Only Seventeen End LP 316  
  Flame Of Love End 1121  
  Without His Love End LP 316  
  Moonlight In Vermont End LP 316  
Shout It Out End (unreleased)  
  Come On To My Party End 1124  
   True Love End 1124  
  Ol' Man River Pt. 1/Ol Man River Pt. 2 Roulette 4524  
1964 Lover Come Back To Me Checker 1084  
  Your Little Guy Checker 1084  
  Does It Really Matter Checker 1091  
  Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight (version 2) Checker 1091  
  Lovely Way To Spend An Evening Times Square 102  
  Walking My Baby Back Home Times Square 102  
1966 The Boogaloo Party / The Nearness Of You Philips 1786 (UK)
Philips 40347 (D)
1990 I Found A New Baby Relic LP 5088  
  If 1 Could Love You Relic LP 5088  
  The Best of the Flamingos Rhino CD Flamingos
  For Collectors Only Collectables 2-CD Flamingos
  The Complete Chess Masters Chess CD Flamingos
  Requestfully Yours Collectables Flamingos
Gribin, Anthony J., Matthew M. Schiff. Doo-Wop. The Forgotten Third of Rock 'n Roll. Iola, 1992
— "The Flamingos Sessionography". Booklet zu The Best of the Flamingos, Rhino CD

The Flamingos
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