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Fools rush Angels fear tread
"For Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread"
Alexander Pope
: Essay on Criticism, 1. 625 – weitere Zitate von Alexander Pope
"So swiftly the sun sets in the sky
You rise up and say goodbye to no one
Fools rush in where angels fear to tread
Both of their futures, so full of dread, you don't show one"
Bob Dylan Jokerman (Bob Dylan) – CBS 1983
"Wise men say only fools rush in, but I can't help falling in love with you"
Elvis Presley I Can't Help Falling in Love (Peretti, Creatore, Weiss) – RCA 1961
Fools Rush In (Johnny Mercer - Rube Bloom)
"Fools rush in where angels fear to tread  
 And so I come to you my love, my heart above my head"
Johnny MercerJohnny Mercer (* 8.Nov.1909 + 25.Juni 1976) schrieb die Texte vieler weltbekannter Songs:
 Goody-Goody, Blues In The Night, Moon River, to name just a few. Hier ein paar Aufnahmen des Johnny Mercer-Alexander Pope Songs Fools Rush In
31.März 1940 Glenn Miller, voc Ray Eberle
Meines Wissens hat Frank Sinatra (+ 14.Mai 1998) 38 Songs dreimal oder öfter aufgenommen, darunter auch Fools Rush In
29.März 1940 Tommy Dorsey, voc Frank Sinatra
14. Mai 1946 Johnny MercerPeggy Lee with The Four of a Kind
18. Oktober 1946 Jo Stafford
1947 Frank Sinatra
1960 Brook Benton
März 1960 Nelson Riddle, voc Frank Sinatra
1963 Ricky Nelson
1965 Frank Sinatra
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Johnny Mercer
Philip Furia. Skylark: The Life and Times of Johnny Mercer. St. Martin's, 2003. Gebunden, 328 SeitenPhilip Furia

"Wise Fan's Lament: Fools rush in - and get the best seats."
Arthur Bloch: Murphy's Law Book Two, S.65
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E. M. Forster. Where Angels Fear to Tread. Vintage 1992. Taschenbuch - 181 Seitenforster forster

Fools rush Angels fear tread
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