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You Talk Too Much
You Talk Too Much
Joe JonesCoverversion von Frankie Ford – Answersong von Martha Nelson – andere "You Talk Too Much" Titel – Folktalein Djuna Barnes NightwoodBig Nick "Toc"
Joe Jones *12.08.1926 New Orleans
hatte seinen ersten Charterfolg 1958 mit "Every Night About Eight". Es reichte nur zu Platz 48 (14. 4.1958).
Talk Too Much / California Sun Roulette, #3 (24. 10.1960)
You talk too much, you worry me to death,
You talk too much, you even worry my pet,
You just talk, you talk too much.

You talk about people that you don't know,
You talk about people wherever you go,
You just talk, talk too much.

You talk about people that you've never seen,
You talk about people, you can make me scream,
You just talk, talk too much.

Words and Music by Joe Jones & Reginald Hall

Coverversion von Frankie Ford
“His first release for Imperial was »You Talk Too Much.« Joe Jones had cut the song for Roulette Records in New York and they put it on the shelf. They cut it exactly like Joe Jones' version. After the session, they took it to Los Angeles on a Monday night. It was mastered on Tuesday, and by Wednesday and Thursday it was pressed and being sent out. The public couldn't buy the Joe Jones version, so everyone was buying up the Frankie Ford 45. Imperial sold close to a million copies on Frankie's cover record.” – Frankie FordFrankie Ford
“Frankie Ford sang his way to rock n’ roll immortality via the mega hit, »Sea Cruise« on Ace Records in 1959. The record has since become one of the biggest selling rock n’ roll records of all time; many millions have been sold all over the world. His second million seller was »You talk too much« which was a »cover« of the Joe Jones record: ironically, Frankie’s version outsold the Jones version due to record company problems that Joe Jones was involved with.” – Frankie FordXentel - Frankie Ford
Answersong von Martha Nelson
1960 "I Don't Talk Too Much"
Andere "You Talk Too Much" Titel
Zalman Yanovsky: "You Talk Too Much", 1967; ähnlicher Text wie Joe Jones
John Lee Hooker & Canned Heat: "You Talk Too Much", 1970
Run-D.M.C.: "You Talk Too Much"; unbekannte Erscheinungsdaten
George Thorogood: "You Talk Too Much", 1988
"You Talk Too Much, Anyhow" – Folktale
enthalten in den beiden folgenden Sammelwerken. Bei dringendem Bedarf der kurzen Story: Email an mich!
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Djuna Barnes. Nightwood
Robin zu Jenny
"You talk all the time and you never know anything." p.66
"I mean, you keep on talkin'
But you don't know where to turn it off."

Big Nick "Toc" and the Howard Biggs Orchestra: Jibba Jab Vik 0248;
Re-release 50's Rockers Vol.1 Lenox 1011

You Talk Too Much
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