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Unknown Answersongs
Erfolgreiche Popsongs forderten oft eine Antwort heraus.
Auf Jim Reeves' He'll Have to Go antwortete Jeannie Black mit He'll Have to Stay.
Unbekannte und ungewollte Beispiele werden hier gelistet.
  ... and the answer is ...
"Billy Joe reached for his gun to draw
But the stranger drew his gun and fired before he even saw."
Johnnie Cash Don't Take Your Guns to Town, 1958
"I'll be hung tomorrow, just because I had to kill that little rat,
But I swore that he'd never get away with that.
And Billy Joe didn't get away with that."
Jerry Lee Lewis The Ballad of Billy Joe, 1959
"I'm proud to be an Okie from Muskogee, a place where even squares can have a ball."
Merle Haggard Okie from Muskogee
"I'm proud to be an asshole from El Paso."
Kinky Friedman Asshole from El Paso
"Let's go to Luckenbach, Texas, with Waylon and Willie and the boys!"
Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson Luckenbach, Texas, 1977
"Who cares about Luckenbach? I've been to Lajitas!"
Bumper sticker for sale in Lajitas, Texas.
"But if you haven't gambled for love and lost, then you haven't gambled at all."
Frankie Laine Moonlight Gambler, 1956
"Don't you gamble—it's only for fools
don't gamble with love."
Paul Anka Don't Gamble with Love, 1957
"I Can't Get No Satisfaction"
Rolling Stones Satisfaction, 1965
"Just Help Yourself"
Tom Jones Help Yourself,1968

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