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Jack the Bear
Duke Ellington
Die Komposition Jack the Bear war das zweite Stück der ersten Session Ellingtons bei RCA Victor.
Jack the Bear (Duke Ellington) Chicago, 6. März 1940, RCA Victor
Dazu schreibt jack Eddie Lambert:
The core of the composition is framed by bass solos by Blanton which act as introduction and extended coda. The theme is presented by Ellingont on piano, and the piece is carried forward by the soloists—Bigard, Williams, Carney, and Nanton—all of whom receive perfectly designed backing from the band, which takes a subsidiary rolethroughout. Despite the fact that the work is dominated by the soloists, the unity and the cohesive nature of the composition are retained. Jack The Bear is also important because the full effect of Blanton's contribution to the ensemble can be heard for the first time.
Eddie Lambert. Duke Ellington. Lanham, Maryland: Scarecrow, 1999. S. 88
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Zahllose Coverversionen, z.B. vom Modern Jazz Quartet.

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