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Otto Geist Eiselfing
Otto Geist, Ehrendoktor der University of Alaska
Pioneer Alaskan Archaeologist, Palaeontologist, and Naturalist – Laudatio
Then Regent Rasmuson said: "Otto William Geist." A short, stocky, dark-skinned man in his late sixties rose from his chair among the dignitaries an the platform. He stepped toward the speaker's stand. Again Regent Rasmuson said "Otto William Geist," then "Pioneer Alaskan Archaeologist, Palaeontologist, and Naturalist." The audience had become somewhat restless during the long ceremony, but the chair-scraping, coughing, and fidgeting stopped while Rasmuson read the remainder of the long, illuminated citation:
Born in Eiselfing, Bavaria, and came to the United States which he served honorably as a soldier in three wars.
Initiated the archaeological work an St. Lawrence Island; contributed greatly to the geographical knowledge and Eskimo nomenclature of that island; secured for the University of Alaska museum one of the largest Eskimo archaeological collections in the world; is chiefly responsible for the present status of that museum; gathered thousands of natural history specimens for the University of Alaska and other institutions; made the only accurate observations of the Black Rapids Gla cier advance in 1937; conducted several expeditions in the Yukon Territory and Alaska; has been in charge of the Frick Laboratory collection in Alaska; publisher of the book "Ar chaeological Excavations at Kukulik" and of numerous articles; has always been generous in sharing his vast amount of scientific information.
Fellow of the American Associatiori for the Advancement of Science, The American Anthropological Association, and Arctic Institute of North America; member of numerous other scientific societies.
The University of Alaska this day honors Otto William Geist in recognition of his distinguished services in archaeological and palaeontological research in Alaska.
This citation read at the University of Alaska Commencement Ceremonies May 13, 1957, before conferring upon Otto William Geist the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science by the University.

Quelle: Keim, Charles J. Aghvook, White Eskimo. Otto Geist and Alaskan Archaeology. Seattle, 1969. pp.5-6

Otto Geist Eiselfing
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