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René van Woudenberg, Sabine Roeser, Ron Rood, Hg.: Basic Belief and Basic Knowledge. Papers in Epistemology
Heusenstamm: Ontos, 2005. Gebunden, 292 Seiten. Philosophical Research Vol. 4 – Belief LinksBelief Literatur
In a recent review of an epistemology compilation someone said that the “usual suspects” (»Casablanca«, 1942) delivered essays. Now, for the volume Basic Belief and Basic Knowledge you may expect some fresh contributors, although not unknown to the intended readership.
After an introduction by René van Woudenberg this volume contains 12 papers in two major parts. Part I treats general issues of basic belief and basic knowledge. Part II addresses different areas, i.e. mathematics, philosophy itself, religion, morality, testimony, and proprioception.
Mostly all these essays concern the question: “Is basic knowledge possible?” Unless the answer is “yes”, it is argued, we are in pretty bad shape, epistemologically, that is.
These papers, from a conference, Amsterdam 2001, offer a heap of new insights (at least to me). To name just three: After his introduction René van Woudenberg, one of the editors, reconsiders intuitive knowledge (shortly before, I read: Timothy Williamson: “Philosophical 'Intuitions' and Scepticism about Judgement”. Dialectica 58.1, 2004, S. 109-153). In “Basic Beliefs, Coherence, and Bootstrap Confirmation,” Igor Douven works out a modified theory of bootstrap confirmation, as proposed by Clark Glymour in 1980. David Eng made me acquainted with the “Blind Trust account”: a hearer or reader can be prima facie justified in believing a speaker's utterance or an article simply in virtue of understanding it.
Although all papers are well written they need quite bit of background knowledge to get the full flavor. But with the book in your shelf, you can read it over and over again. Highly recommened.
Basic Anfang
René van Woudenberg, Sabine Roeser, Ron Rood
Igor Douven, David Eng, Bob Hale, Steven D. Hales, Andy Hamilton, Christian B. Miller, Bence Nanay, Duncan Pritchard, Sabine Roeser, Ron Rood, Christian Weidemann, René van Woudenberg
Part I: Basic Belief and Basic Knowledge: General Issues
René van Woudenberg: Intuitive Knowledge Reconsidered
Bence Nanay: Foundationalism Strikes Back? In Search of Epistemically Basic Mental States
Igor Douven: Basic Beliefs, Coherence, and Bootstrap Confirmation
Part II: Areas of Basic Belief and Basic Knowledge
A: Mathematics and Philosophy
Ron Rood: On the Status of Axioms in Mathematics
Bob Hale: Mathematical Knowledge. A Defence of Modest and Sober Platonism
Steven D. Hales: A Trilemma for Philosophical Knowledge
B: Religious Belief
Christian B. Miller: Defeaters and the Basicality of Theistic Belief
Duncan Pritchard: Reforming Reformed Epistemology
Christian Weidemann: Why Basic Theistic Belief is Probably Not Warranted, Even if it is True
C: Morals, Testimony, and Proprioception
Sabine Roeser: Defending Moral Intuition
David Eng: Basic Beliefs, Testimony, and Blind-Trust
Andy Hamilton: Proprioception as Basic Knowledge of the Body
Basic Anfang
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Roeser KnowledgeRené van Woudenberg, Sabine Roeser, Ron Rood, Hg.: Basic Belief and Basic Knowledge. Papers in Epistemology. Heusenstamm: Ontos, 2005. Gebunden, 292 Seiten. Philosophical Research Vol. 4.
Basic Anfang

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