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George MacDonald Fraser
George MacDonald Fraser
* 1925 Carlisle – Englischer Schriftsteller
"Some human faults are military virtues, like stupidity, and arrogance, and narrow-mindedness" (S. 28).
"I was bent on as much fun and vicious amusement as I could get—my contemporaries, who praise God an Sundays and sneak off to child-brothels during the week, would denounce it piously as vicious, anyway—but I have always known how to behave to my superiors and shine in their eyes, a trait of mine" (S. 29).
"When I talk of disaster I speak with authority" (S. 98).
"You don't know one of the first rules of politics: that a man can be trusted to follow his own interest" McNaghten, britischer Militär, S. 139.
"It's a great thing, prayer. Nobody answers, but at least it stops you from thinking" (S. 197).

George MacDonald Fraser
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